03 March 2021

Agile, flexible, effective: How offshore can mean success for customer service

A positive customer experience is the cornerstone of any consumer-facing business. But how do you achieve the holy grail of five-star reviews for complex promotions, without five-star cost? Insyt’s offshore model, using a network of robust and agile partners like WNS, has helped us get there. This is how.

Customers are always right – but never the same If there’s one mantra that every promotion agency needs to live by, it’s that the customer comes first. And when it comes to Insyt’s end-to-end promotion solutions there’s a lot to think about -from handling and fulfilling claims to answering queries and solving customer issues.

What makes it even more challenging is the complex range of clients, markets and promotional mechanics we work with. That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with experts who can ensure loyalty and satisfaction for our clients, and their customers, instead of trying to take it all on ourselves. Our Customer Interactive Services are a perfect example of this model working in practice.

Made-to-measure partners

WNS are global experts in business process management, with more than 375 clients, 42,000+ employees and 60 delivery centres worldwide, so we had no hesitation in bringing them on board to help us through our connections with the Hyperion Insurance Group.

They’re a perfect partner because WNS, like Insyt, are so agile in their approach. Their use of data and technology to support the work they do helps them to work at scale and across multiple customer channels, from mobile and desktop internet to online chat, emails and voice calls.

That’s important for us because we need to be available wherever our clients’ customers want us to be – regardless of the platform they’re engaging with us on, the language they speak, the time zone they’re in, or the help they need. WNS also have a superb track record in delivering the core considerations for us too – notably minimising lead times when kicking off a new promotion and eliminating downtime as much as possible once it’s live.

A solution that works

We’ve worked with WNS, tapping into their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience co-creating digital customer experience platforms, to create and deploy a seamless cloud-based contact centre. Through intelligent automation, an omni-channel interface and detailed analytics it’s already delivering for Insyt’s clients in a big way.

We’ve seen customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) in the range of 95% across our promotions, while reducing operational costs by a third and experiencing 99% uptime for the cloud services.

It’s also been incredibly flexible, which has helped us to adapt to all our client’s requirements so far – regardless of how complex they are, or how quickly we’ve needed to move to get promotions underway for them.

Proof of concept in a pandemic

Lastly, it certainly wasn’t something we planned for (who did?) but, when the global Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe in early 2020, it merely helped to underline the value of our partnership with WNS.

When national and global lockdowns began to come into force, the WNS cloud setup meant everyone at Insyt could switch to a work-from home model within hours, and without risk or having to compromise on security. Even as the crisis deepened – and while it continues to cause issues in 2021 – our clients have experienced seamless delivery of services without disruption.

If nothing else, it’s been a genuine stress-test of the systems we have in place with WNS – and, so far, they’ve been given an overwhelming seal of approval from us at Insyt, our clients, and most importantly, the customers who rely on us all.

If you’d like to know more or find out how Insyt can help your business, please contact us at hello@insyt.com