06 January 2022

Insyt for sustainability: Announcing the ‘Our Growth = New Growth’ campaign

At Insyt, sustainability has been a big focus for us since our inception. We’re always looking for new ways to drive climate consciousness within our organisation – whether it’s through our volunteering days, working on projects that give back to the environment, or ensuring our business and our supply chain all treat the climate emergency with the seriousness it deserves.

The crushing impact of the global coronavirus pandemic has guided many businesses on a path to ‘building back better’ and we’re no different – we’re always becoming more aware of things we can improve by doing that little something extra.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new drive as part of our governance and corporate social responsibility program – ‘Our Growth = New Growth’.

What is ‘Our Growth = New Growth’?

We’ve been working hard to build some hugely successful promotions for our growing list of clients, and we’re proud to have found a way to tie these achievements to making a positive impact on our surroundings.

We’ve created a campaign that means the more successful we are as a business, the more we’ll be able to do to improve our environmental footprint. Many of our clients see sustainability as a key focus – not just in the distant future, but right now – so we thought it was time to branch out even more ourselves (so to speak).

How will it work?

‘Our Growth = New Growth’ is our commitment to plant new trees for every promotion we create, and every 100 claims we process.

Whenever we launch a new promotion, we’ve pledged to plant 5 trees. And for every 100 completed claims as part of a promotion, we’ll plant 1 extra tree.

How will we do it?

As well as creating, running and analysing our promotions, which are becoming bigger, bolder and more successful every time, we’re also getting our teams more directly involved in this project by doing some of the actual planting!

Our group volunteering days, which every member of our team participates in at various points throughout the year, will now involve some horticulture as we literally get our hands dirty to make our world a nicer and more sustainable place to live.

Contact us today for more information on Our Growth = New Growth, or our industry-leading range of bespoke promotions solutions underpinned by our risk-managed approach on hello@insyt.com