01 August 2020

Launching Insyt: The ‘promotions with intelligence’ agency

Welcome to Insyt. We’ve gathered together an experienced team of specialists to create a new kind of strategic agency, running sales promotions with intelligence.

To introduce you to us in a bit more detail, we spoke to Managing Director Katherine Caswell to find out what makes Insyt so special in today’s crowded market.


What prompted you to establish Insyt in the first place?

“It’s a lofty aim, but we genuinely think Insyt can revolutionise the promotions industry.

“We’re demystifying the whole process and working collaboratively with our clients to really understand their long-term and short-term strategic focuses. This means we can deliver solutions that really work for them.”

What was your experience of promotions agencies before Insyt?

“We saw the industry as reactive rather than proactive. It’s like a team bringing on a substitute every time a player gets tired, instead of the coach training their team to be fitter.

“Our holistic and circular approach means we can improve the whole process every time for our clients; ensuring our solutions are always tailored to them throughout – from the promotion’s structure all the way down to the tone we use to handle customer queries. Our clients really feel the benefits of that.”

What would you say makes Insyt stand out?

“We’re led by intelligent learning and a careful data analysis approach and we see huge potential in this. We find out everything we can about our clients to combine our expertise with their inside knowledge, which helps us to better understand their needs, objectives and challenges; overcome any obstacles; and support them in achieving their goals.

“The standard offerings from the promotions industry is definitely what we’re moving away from. Instead of promotions being thought of as a quick fix or one-size-fits-all, we use data thoroughly throughout every campaign we run and that really appeals to the brands we work with.

“In addition, our access to bespoke insurances that protect our clients’ budgets through our connections with Hyperion mean we have a lot to offer.

“It’s effective as well – we maximise returns so the relationships we’re building with clients endure, and mean we’re partners to them not just providers.”

How would you describe what Insyt’s clients can expect?

“Firstly, a lot of questions! It’s our job to listen and learn so we can work alongside our clients. By ensuring there’s substance behind our approach, we can always be impactful, bold and confident of success.

“The bottom line is that we know our world in detail, but we need to combine this with a clear understanding of our clients’ landscapes too. That partnership, aligned with our expertise in data analysis and the support and underwriter connections through Hyperion, gives us such an edge.”