06 April 2022

Multi-touch attribution: What it is and how it sets us apart

At Insyt, one of our core business values is using and being guided by data – accessing it and analysing it to make our promotions as impactful as possible and our clients more successful.

The way we use multi-touch attribution in our campaigns is a perfect illustration of our dedication to data. But what is multi-touch attribution? And is it something your sales promotions and campaigns could benefit from?


What is multi-touch attribution?

Put simply, multi-touch attribution is a way of mapping what contributes to customer acquisitions so you can determine how successful specific elements of your marketing, advertising and promotions strategy are.

It’s important to know where someone’s been before they become your customer – and multi-touch attribution gives a fuller view of the history behind that conversion. Your customer may be a direct result of clicking on a paid search advert – but have they been influenced by social media content along the way as well?

Multi-touch attribution can account for the cost of each of these touchpoints and the importance of them as part of your customer’s journey – making it easier for you to measure the specific value of your campaigns and the individual elements within them.


Why is multi-touch attribution so important?

Multi-touch attribution is a more nuanced way of tracking all the steps your customers take on their journey to you – not just the last one.

Last-touch attribution, which tells you where a customer came from directly before converting (the ‘last step’), is easier to track but is a less complex, less revealing and, ultimately, less useful metric overall.

“Our intelligent promotions rely on data – accessing it, and acting upon it. It’s a central part of what we do,” explains Insyt Managing Director Katherine Caswell. “Our clients love how much information we give them, and how easily they can see it, through our detailed and constantly updated proprietary dashboard.”


How does multi-touch attribution set Insyt apart from other agencies?

“Multi-touch attribution allows us, our clients and our partners to see detailed metrics on what’s working and what’s not, every day throughout any campaign,” Katherine continues. “This gives clients the flexibility that’s so often lacking in sales promotions, which can often only be analysed when they’re over.

“With us, clients can – and do – adjust their spending on the fly, which means they get more flexibility, better return on investment and we deliver better results and maintain positive relationships with them.

“For us, that means we develop the long-standing relationships and partnerships we love because they keep coming back to us. Everybody wins.”

It’s because we’re so attuned to this data that we can open it up to our clients directly and, between us, we can work on ways to tweak campaigns while they’re still running instead of just waiting for post-campaign reports.


At Insyt, we offer a wide range of bespoke promotions solutions that can help boost your sales, brand sentiment or customer loyalty. We run every single campaign through our industry-leading promotions dashboard, giving you unrivalled data access and insights, and it’s all underpinned by our risk-managed approach. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business: Contact Zain at Zain.Awan@insyt.com