06 August 2020

Why data is your strategy secret weapon, especially in uncertain times

Access to data is crucial for any business when determining strategy, both long- and short-term. But at times of economic uncertainty and market flux, and when there are seismic shifts in consumer behaviour, the need for accurate data you can easily understand, process and refine becomes more vital than ever.

Data from reliable sources can help you understand a multitude of factors that buffet businesses in all sectors – economic change; social change (and the related consumer psychology and emotional impacts); competitor and market-specific change; and other external factors that could be disrupting supply chains, for example. More specifically, data from multiple sources makes your modelling of scenarios vastly more robust – therefore you can be agile in forming new strategies or responding to change, whether your aim is to grow your business or mitigate damage.

At Insyt, we use our expert knowledge and the Hyperion X platform to harness the power of analytics – bringing together the best minds and the sharpest, most reliable data to help you create more impactful promotions for our clients. With it, we’re transforming insurance as well as our clients’ businesses across a vast array of sectors, too.